Fa La La La La, La La La La

There now just stands one day between us in the UK and the start of December. It is usually when we start to feel most of the effects of winter, although as per usual, winter practically started here back in September. We start shopping for those special people in our lives as a certain day gets nearer and nearer and of course, for a lot of people, it’s when the decorations go up.

I’m not a christmassy person. In fact, due to some events happening too closely to christmas, I haven’t properly celebrated it in the last 5+ years. I am unashamedly a Scrooge.

I’ve always seen Christmas as too commercial, too stressful and too false. Surely if someone loved you enough to see you and shower you with presents on Christmas day, doing it on another day, at another time during the year would mean just as much. The argument is that it’s Christmas, so therefore a little extra effort should be put into it.

I, a cynic, think the absolute opposite. Maybe it’s Because i’m a cynic, or maybe it’s because I see Christmas for what it is. A perfect chance to try and be that perfect family nobody actually is, which is why for many people christmas days start out okay and then dissolve into the shambles they are. Either way, I can’t be sold the idea that seeing distant relatives who don’t know you, relatives who only make the effort to see you because it’s christmas, relatives you might even hate, is what makes a family better. It’s not. It makes the family who go through that routine every year seem pompous and fake.

It’s the families that don’t mind if someone can’t make it there for christmas, because they make many other days a priority, who have the right idea. It’s the family who don’t think spending £100 on massive gestures on christmas day shows the value of a loved one, who have the right idea.

Mainly, it’s just the people who want to be the best that they can be for the rest of the rest of the year, who treat christmas day as just another day to do the same old, same old who I think have it right. Because you tell me how many times you see that drunken uncle of yours who calls you Sarah when your name is Laura, besides christmas, and how often you really want to see him. If it’s more, okay, i’m wrong. If you wish you could celebrate christmas day like it was Groundhog Day, i’ll admit i’m wrong.

But if you agree with what i’m saying, then I’d like to think i’m right. At least to a certain degree. Christmas is just a commercial, stressful time of year that headlines December. Break the trend and make a difference tomorrow instead, just for the sake of it being a normal day, or because it’s a monday.

Or because a gesture made tomorrow won’t be shadowed by the expectation blanket of Christmas day.

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