The Last Day of November

Did you do it? Did you do something good today to show how you should do what people reserve for Christmas Day every other day?
… Well, that’s okay. I didn’t either. I didn’t get the chance for reasons I won’t go into. The good news is that you have just under half an hour to do something.

The bad news is that tomorrow, starting Midnight tonight, is the start of December. It means that Christmas is about three weeks away and anything good you do beyond that point will be misconstrued as “Getting into the Christmas spirit”. It will be tagged, labelled and filed away as such, in triplicate. If you’d like to get those files back out to edit them, fix them up and relabelled, you’ll need four witnesses, three signatures, two government stamps and an official “this item has been re-filed” folder.

… Sorry, did I just do what I think I did? The Midnight hour must be approaching quicker than I imagined!

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