Time for Another Unpopular Opinion

I don’t like Friends, and yes I do mean the big famous TV series from America. It lasted ten series, it starred six people, it was based in New York and it is loved by many, many people. I hate it… in that “Actually I quite like some episodes, maybe a whole series, but can’t stomach the over all premise of it” kind of way.

The truth is, I could analyse this show until i’m blue in the face. The characters, the interaction of the characters, why I like Chandler as much as I do, what I reckon was the ideals of the writer’s when they wrote the series the way they did, but I think that would make it look like I take the show a lot more seriously than intended.

Which is why I won’t bore anyone with my analyses.

Basically, I dislike nearly all of the characters. The only exception, like I said, is Chandler. I think it’s because i’ve known guys like Chandler and even I’m a bit like him at times even though I’m British and female. I can’t see any of these characters but Chandler surviving well in Real Life. They’re caricatures of people, they have to be, but they’re not portrayed consistently.

I hate that a lot of the episodes are based on whether people are having sex or not. I hate that a majority of the series is based on Ross and Rachel and their destructive Will They, Won’t They relationship. I hate Rachel.

I like some episodes of Series 1, most of series 2, half of series 4 and most of series 5. I dislike most of series 3. In my eyes, it goes down hill from series 5, but I don’t know why exactly.

I watch the episodes I like over and over again, but I get this sour taste in my mouth with episodes i’m not fond of, and i’m not fond of a LOT of episodes. I blame the characters and the continuity issues, but a lot of poeple would just say i’m fussy.

But I tell those people to go and watch Sports Night and get back to me. Because those are characters I can get behind and watch and believe. If the people who disagree with me disagree with that, then there’s no middle ground compromise and I’m clearly not cut out for Friends.

Maybe I do escapism all wrong…

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