Sorkin Speculation

On the BBC news the other day, Aaron Sorkin was saying that, as much as he loved doing The Social Network, he’s going to be doing another show. He’s written the pilot and now he’s casting.

I am Very excited with this news. It’s going to be a mishmash of Sports Night meets The West Wing meets Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. It’s going to be another show within a show, about people working within a news network. He said it’s based on CNN, but he replied a little bit too quickly for me to really believe that.

The thing is, I really hope he casts his so called Favourite Three.

These are Joshua Malina, who was in the movie adaption of Sorkin’s play “A Few Good Men”. Yeah, the YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH film. He was also Jeremy in Sports Night and Will Bailey in The West Wing.

Bradley Whitford, who, if I remember correctly, was in the actual theatre production of “A Few Good Men”. He was also Josh in The West Wing (DUH) and Danny in Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

The last of The (speculated) Favourite Three is Matthew Perry. He went from Friends to The West Wing, playing Republican Joe Quincy, and then to Matt Albie in Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Him and Aaron have a LOT in Common, and I believe he’d understand the more grittier of the things Sorkin can write.

These are all three people that aren’t working on anything else right now, or at least not anything big. Joshua Malina is in a very strange webseries called Backwash that isn’t available to watch outside of America.

He’s already tweeted a very strange tweet about trying to stop Bradley Whitford from getting a part in the new series. They’re friends so I’m taking that to mean that they’re actually going for the same part.

The thing is, I would love all these three people to be in this new series. I would also love more people from Sports Night and The West Wing to be in it too. Specifically Sabrina Lloyd and Allison Janney.

… The only person I wouldn’t be happy with getting a part in this new series would be Janel Moloney. Now don’t get me wrong, she’s a brilliant actress. She was fantastic as Donna. I LOVED Donna in The West Wing! And she was great as the Costume Assistant in Sports Night who gave Casey an ear full for taking credit for the clothes he wears. But if she does, I think it’ll shape a lot of what we expect to see from the characters if both her and Bradley Whitford are working together.

We’ve been there and we’ve done that, and some even bought the Tshirts. I know i’m getting ahead of myself, I’m getting ahead of Sorkin, too. But with every show, he brings something new. Something as fantastic as before but better, brighter. He one upped Sports Night with Studio 60. He’ll do it again with this, I know it.

I just hope he proves me wrong if Janel gets a part, even if I would prefer her to not.

Also a great person to have on this new show? Nathan Cordry. I say this purely because he was brilliant in Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Very good at the comedy and the emotional. And very good looking.

3 Responses to Sorkin Speculation

  1. Claire says:

    Thanks for this! Much as I hate to admit it, I'm kind of with you on Janel – I love her, but it would be odd to have her and Brad together and not be Josh and Donna, though in my wildest fantasies I like to imagine that he'll bring them back to life – I mean, maybe the show is reporting on a White House that is actually the Santos White House? What? A girl can dream!(That said, I saw her in a film she did a hundred years ago, where she was a political operative a la Donna, and even given the similarities of the roles in some ways, she brought out a completely different personality to her character. She's a fantastic actress – definitely not one of those who can only do one part!)As for Josh Malina and Bradley Whitford – they have a love-hate relationship that consists of trashing each other publicly as much as possible. Josh is the funnier of the two, though I think Brad won when he wrote a West Wing episode which included, for Josh, the line "I can't act! I'm a terrible actor!" I *think* it's all in jest, but occasionally I have to wonder. It would be amazing to have Matt Perry back – though the Matt Perry/Bradley Whitford combination is maybe too much for my poor little heart – but he has just done a pilot (with Allison Janney). It always makes me smile when people say he was "on the West Wing" – I mean, yes, he was, but only in a grand total of three episodes – ie, about as much as some of Will Bailey's interns. He was fantastic in Studio 60, and I've got to say I've been rewatching Friends and keep thinking come on Matt, this is so beneath you! You're better than this! (This coming from a ex-die-hard-Friends-fan!)I just can't wait, though. It's going to be great. We love you, Aaron.

  2. Anonymous says:

    To watch Joshua Malina's web series (from anywhere) is totally insane (and hilarious)!

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