Shameless Advertising for a Self-Publisher

Thursday 17 February, 2011

So, I shall tell you all a story, with a twist that’s in its tail
Or maybe with a moral, if you will…

Those words in italic above me is an excerpt from Mike Miller: Son of Pendragon, written by John Haines (Pseudonym Josh Rogan). He is an author who has been trying to break into the industry for nearly 10 years (or maybe only 2 years but it Feels like 10? hmm…)

He’s written more books than I can remember, but Mike Miller: Son of Pendragon was his first proper novel that he tried to get published officially, but it’s been to no avail. To do that, you kind of need a good budget to send big packets of excerpts to places, maybe even tracked which can cost a bit more, then there’s the extra demands some publishing houses have like needing a box-folder, a 4 rung lever-arched file, every excerpt back-paged with coloured paper…

Those costs can add up, especially if you’ve hardly got any money to spend in the first place. So John Haines/Josh Rogan did the next best thing. He self published. He did well, ish, for a while, but not as well as he’d hoped.

So that’s why I’m making this entry today. I know for a fact that he is a Very good Author and I’d like for as many people to see for themselves, whether they believe me or not.

So, for your convenience, I have a list of ways people can download his books. He has more than just these two, but so far these are the only downloadable ones:

Mike Miller, Son of Pendragon Revised 2011 Edition
On Kindle US
On Kindle UK
On Skoobe Books UK (print copy)

The Ballad of Old Windrush Cave

On Kindle US
On Kindle UK

If you appreciate writing, and self publishing, and how difficult it can be for good authors to be published (and have an insurmountable rage that someone like Stephanie Meyer *can* be published and no understanding of how) then please, reblog this post and download the books, even if it’s just one of them.

This will be greatly appreciated.