Fandoms Never Die

First of all, I’d like to congratulate myself on getting to 20 posts here. It’s always hard to decide what to say herem because it’s not Really a personal journal, but I hardly have anything fascinating to talk about. So I end up talking about myself, or things which I’ve taken personally, just like I am now.

The latest thing that I’ve taken personally isn’t all that recent. I’ll say it’s The Bad Luck Of The Multi-Fandomer, and I am The Multi-Fandomer. If it’s not my favourite member of the band leaving, and/or breaking up the band, it’s my favourite character in films and books dying and being killed off. I’m not the best at dealing with death, so I take my escapism seriously to get away from it, so it’s always a shake up when a favourite character dies. I don’t just have to deal with death in real life, but in fantasy too? For shame, authors, for Shame.

And JK Rowling? I’m looking in your direction. Yes, Yes, Spoiler Alerts and all that but if you’ve not read from Order of the Phoenix onwards, then in my opinion you deserve to be spoiled. The last book was released in July, 2007. By the way, Soylent Green is People and Bruce Willis is a ghost.

I can sort of understand killing Sirius and Dumbledore off. I think the death of Sirius really brought home the realisation that these books aren’t Exactly kids books. They grow with you, they get darker, they get more heavy. I was hooked from the moment I first read the first book. I was a little late into the Fandom, and i’ve somewhat distanced myself from it, since the dust settled and a lull came between the 5th and 6th books. But I return every now and then, I get into the books again, I read the fanfictions, I look up interviews and information, and the Trivia! And then I get annoyed at the differences between the films and the books and rant about them.

It’s how I roll within the HP Fandom.

But anyway, so even if I’m not as emotionally invested in it as I was once, I still take it to heart that these characters I’ve grown to love over the series are dead passed certain books. The death I’m most annoyed about though? Fred Weasley.

He was my favourite Weasley. He was my favourite twin! And there is a difference. Any hardcore fan, especially if they’re fans of the twins, can tell and see that there is a difference between Fred and George (Or is that Gred and Forge?). So why did JK kill him off? What did poor Fred do to her? Was it not enough that George was permanently maimed? He had to be maimed again by losing someone who has been there for everything in his life?

For someone who doesn’t handle death very well, this shook me up even worse than when Dumbledore died. And that’s saying something. And it’s for these reasons that I’m heavily debating not going to see the next film, and I might never read the books again. Unless I just keep stopping at the 6th book, and the first part of the 7th film. It’s possible, if not a bit crazy, and it’s certainly something I’ve done before. If maybe I understood JK’s motives over this, maybe there’s some sort of silver lining I’ve not considered, I’d be able to face the series again.

But until I can sideline second-hand grief with understanding, my love for the fandom will never be as it once was. Fandoms might never die, but when characters certainly do, how are the more sensitive, as myself am, supposed to handle it?

Having no plans to watch the second part of the 7th film is my method right now.

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