This is an open letter to the BBC

Dear British Broadcasting Corporation,
I am a British Citizen. I live with my family, so I personally don’t pay the Television License, but we pay it together in that “If one of us has to cut back Financially, we’ll all suffer the shop’s brand products” way. I didn’t used to like the BBC, I grew up to be more of an ITV kind of girl. It wasn’t until I was in my late teens I started to appreciate what exactly the BBC have to offer.

It wasn’t much, but it was better than a lot of drivel out there. Or so I thought. I held the recreation of Dr Who against it for a little while, then I saw Torchwood and we were even.

Unfortunately, recently, you guys at the BBC made this cracking TV show. It was called Outcasts. It started off a bit sketchy, but I know a diamond in the rough when I see one. It was like a mixture of Battlestar Galactica, Firefly and Lost, the graphics were good, the scenery was amazing and believable, the cast were great and it seemed like no expense was spared in the making of this series. I say Unfortunately because, despite how brilliant it was, you guys at the BBC sabotaged it. I really think this series had the potential to go far, but you pulled the rug our from under it’s feet and then gave it a hearty shove down an elevator shaft.

First, there was barely any advertising. I knew when it was going to start, but I didn’t know that the following day was going to have the following episode. And then there was the completely unnannounced move to Sunday night. And that’s where the sabotage comes into it.

The target audience for this show was probably between the ages of 15 to 40. It’s a bit of a stretch, but I can see the appeal across these ages and even higher, if the appeal of BSG and Lost is anything to go by. That means the majority of the target audience would have either school, college, uni, 9-to-5 jobs or even the need to be up early to get the kids off to school and see the spouse off to work. They wouldn’t be able to stay up to see the show. They might record it, or Sky Plus it in this day and age, or do as I did and catch it on the IPlayer the next day. So when you give the lack of views as a reason for cancelling this show, you only have yourself to blame. Look around the internet, there were plenty of fans sustaining viewership, you just chose to ignore them because they weren’t able to watch them as it was airing.

Again, whose fault was that exactly, BBC?

That would be yours.

So now the series has been left on this cliffhanger, because there isn’t going to be a second series.

Does the words Firefly and Fox mean anything to you?

If not, i’ll explain. See, Firefly was this awesome show that aired 2002-2003. Fox decided to show it out of order, barely advertised it and then after changing time slots every week, decided there wasn’t enough viewers to keep it on air and cancelled it without even letting them get to the end of the series. Now, years later, millions of fans are still angry at Fox for cancelling it. They pack out rooms continually at conventions, they hold their own conventions to make up the lack of seats at official ones, they send complaint letters to Fox even now.

Even today, more fans get a taste of Firefly and wonder “Why did Fox cancel this!?”

I mention this because Outcasts is the British Firefly and one day, BBC, I hope you regret this decision to cancel it. I know for a fact you’ll have had many, many fans complain about the lack of a second series. Maybe some of them used a comparison to Firefly too, to give you an idea of what it is you have just done.

And if you still don’t know, i’ll put this very simply: You have left many people disappointed. Maybe some of those poeple might go as far as to not renew their Television license next year and would rather live TV-less than have to pay you, The BBC, to make mistakes. This would have made paying the License worth while, but the stuff you put on television the rest of the time? I feel like we’re wasting our money. We are.

And no doubt this will be used as an excuse to never do another futuristic sci-fi show ever again. “Ah yes, we did that once, it didn’t work out”. It did, you just didn’t give it a good enough chance.

I ask you, British Broadcasting Corporation, to think over this decision. Realise this big mistake you’ve made. Consider pulling a Fox and giving us a movie as compensation. Just, whatever you do, don’t write this TV show off as something you should never had made.

There were fans of this show, you just disregarded them.

Somebody Obligated To Pay For A Television License

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