Unofficial Asexual Awareness Week 2012 – Part 1

This time, last year it was Officially Asexual Awareness Week. This year, The Powers That Be decided that to increase Awareness, they weren’t going to dictate a specific week to generate awareness. Instead, and this was mostly geared towards America, people should decide for themselves when would be best to have Asexual Awareness Week so that they can get more out of it.

It meant that colleges and universities in the US would be able to make the individual choice that fitted well to their own schooling schedules without causing a scheduling conflict to other US colleges/universities. It also meant anyone not attending a college would be able to group up and throw events in the name of Awareness at a time of year they felt best worked for them and the events, and that any individual person not affiliated with US colleges/universities or splinter groups could decide completely for themselves what they wished to do.

If they wanted to join in with the dates their local College/University chose, they were free to. If that didn’t work for them and they chose their own ways of raising awareness, for example: blogging, vlogging and competition give-aways, then they were well within their rights to do so.

It was ultimately so that people could make the most of their time and wouldn’t feel like they’d be missing out if a dedicated week on a global scale didn’t work for them. Personally I feel like it’s let the sense of community suffer for the sake of American convenience, when it’s usually American Culture filtering through into other cultures that makes these one solid weeks of awareness work so well.

We can’t flood the waves if we’re splashing out of sync. An all year long thing might sound like a good idea, but how far does the word and actions of a splinter group go if the message isn’t loud enough?

Anyway! Although it’s an Unofficial Week of Awareness, if anyone has yet to join in or would like to join in again, I invite you to make this week your week. I think I said an awkward sentence last time about how there was no indication of how long the actual week lasts, whether it’s Monday to Friday, or Monday to Sunday. I’m going to aim for Monday to Friday. Please join me.

I’m A Failed Journalist, and I’m Asexual.

End of Day 1.

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