Let The Madness Begin (It already has)

Alright, so, most places have been in Christmas mode since September, and Christmas music started being played on the radio mid-november, Christmas films started on Halloween (Nightmare Before Christmas) and the winter wardrobe came out months ago!

But it doesn’t really feel like Christmas is close until the beginning of December, does it? And it is the beginning of December, dear whatever god out there who may or may not be in Heaven… How did that happen again? Wasn’t it 2010 last week?

Where did 2003 go?!

And this time next month it’ll be 2013. Excuse me  a second, I’m feeling a little faint…

What was I saying? Oh yes! Christmas, it’ll be here soon (Dear GOD) but thanks to the shops, and the radio, the film stations, and the music stations, and the clothes shops, and the coffee shops, and any shop that sells food, and toy shops, and everything else, it feels like Christmas has been dragging on forever already. Why do they need to do this? Do they think we’ll forget? Is it some failed method to ease us into Christmas, by beating us over the head with it for a whole month before December, the month in which Christmas actually occurs?

I highly doubt we’ll forget. First and foremost, I’m sure most people know how to read a calendar, secondly, advent calendars are a thing and thirdly, if shops had to wait for the first of December to attack us all with Christmas related everything, they’d reach new heights to do so to make up for lost time.

I have some friends who like Christmas, and all of that even annoys them. A Scrooge like me is beyond reasoning at this point. If I can’t up and move myself to a country where Christmas isn’t celebrated, which I can’t, then my last resort is hitch-hiking to the other end of the universe to a planet which doesn’t celebrate Christmas, and return when it’s all over and done with. The third option is inducing sleep for a whole month, and that’s just not healthy.

Now, I know what you might be thinking if you read my blog entry last year. You’re thinking “but I thought you liked Christmas now!”. No. I still don’t like Christmas as Christmas, but I still like things that are good, which just happen to be Christmas themed, and they keep me cheered up and happy. But take that out of Christmas and we still have something happy. It’s just coincidentally Christmas themed, but to a degree that I can handle.

And of course, if you didn’t read the entry from last year, this is all a moot point.

Once again I’m obligated to buy physical presents, I’m obligated to accept physical presents, and I’m obligated to eat a copious amount of food for fear of other people’s money going to waste. The true meaning of Christmas probably died out with Dickens.

But hey, if you like Christmas, go out and have fun! For now it’s the season, and all that. We might even have snow soon! Woop-de-doo!

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