The Other Boleyn Girl: Before The Re-watch

They say a mind is a terrible thing to waste, and if there’s one thing I pride myself on, it’s my good memory that my mind possesses  As in the actual ability to memorise things, not a specific memory, just to make myself clear as to which one I’m talking about.

Add that to my life long love of films, there’s not many films out there that I have watched that I don’t remember in reasonable detail, and the ones that I don’t remember much of, were ones that I watched when very sick with the flu.

So, to watch a film when I wasn’t sick with the flu to then go on to forget 99.9% of what happened in it, it’s not just worrying, it’s annoying, and I have to rectify it.

Which is why I’m about to re-watch The Other Boleyn Girl starring Natalie Portman, courtesy of LoveFilm.

I first watched The Other Boleyn Girl when I was in university, when one of my flatmates leant me the DVD, and I’d have to say it was one of those films were I was glad I watched it, but it wasn’t really my sort of film. That might be why I’ve forgotten 99.9% of it, I tend to block certain plot devices and scenes from my memory if I don’t like them, without even realising it, but I usually remember the general plot for disliking the rest. This is the opposite of total recall, this is next to nil recall, which is very much against my norm.

So, before re-watching it, I’m going to sum up what I do remember, and then come back to see how much of it was right or just my imagination filling in the blanks.

All right, so, Eric Bana plays The infamous King Henry The 8th, Natalie Portman plays Anne Boleyn <strike>who kept a tin which all her hopes and dreams were in<strike> and Scarlett Johansson, plays her sister whose name I can’t remember.

King Henry, infamous for his six wives and the way he treated them, had affairs with both sisters, both of them becoming The Other Boleyn Girl – seemingly a play on the phrase “The Other Woman” – at various times throughout the film, the title reflecting how they felt about King Henry’s attention wavering between the both of them. There were some scenes I fast forwarded through, Anne either had a baby who sadly died or lost a baby through miscarriage, more scenes I fast forwarded through (Jesus, the Tudors had a lot of sex!), a good looking farmer who I remember thinking had a very nice shirt on but i’ll be damned if I remember what he had to do with anything, but his shirt was memorable because it was a bit on the ruffly side. Then there was more about Scarlet Johanson’s character and then Anne Boleyn’s head got chopped off.

I did think for a while that that was all there was to that film but after a conversation with a friend of mine, the same one who’d lent me the DVD in the first place, in fact! Where she talked about various scenes that I don’t remember happening, I have to admit there must be more to that film than my brain took note of.

And that’s my mission for this weekend. I will watch the film and report back on my findings tomorrow.

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