Dear Damian, I am so very sorry

Have you ever been in the situation where you find out many years down the line you’ve been calling someone by the wrong name? Or referring to a famous landmark by some erroneous descriptor instead of it’s real name?

Or just straight up saying something that makes no sense, grammatically speaking?

Think of the scene in Sports Night when Dan is telling Casey about his meeting with Hillary Clinton (off screen) and it emerges that he accidentally said that he was opposed to public funding to secular schools when he meant non-secular Yes, that is basically the same situation you see in The West Wing when Sam possibly said Kurdistand when he meant Kazakhstan when speaking to a reporter.

Are we all clear as to the situation I am asking you to imagine right now? Good!

Because I have something to share with you all, and it affects this here blog and I’d like you to all imagine where I’m coming from. From the get go, the title of this blog was in reference to the popular film title I was a teenage warewolf, despite actually never seeing it (it’s on my LoveFilm list!) and it’s only now dawned on me that “I once was a twenty-something journalism student” makes very little sense. I mean, alright, I once went to university to study journalism. I have actually only done that once, and I was twenty-something. So far, my word for word literal skills are working pretty well, there.

But here’s the thing, it actually makes more sense to say “I was once a twenty-something journalism student”, and not only does it make more sense, it actually rolls off the tongue better. Loads better, in fact, which is why almost every production with a similar name has it that way.

So, just to let anyone who reads this know, in case they’re wondering, I will be re-wording the above title to the latter. So if you notice the change in the next few weeks, let it alarm you not!

As for Damian, I can only apologies for all those years I wrongly called him Damian, as it only came to my knowledge after he left that college that his name was actually Dave. And that he did correct me once or twice, but it never stuck in, so in the end he went along with me calling him Damian.

Sorry Dave.


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