Five Years Old!

Happy Birthday To This Here Blog
Happy Birthday To This Here Blog
Happy Birthday To I Once Was a Twenty-Something Journalism Student!
Happy Birthday To This Here Blooooog


This Here Blog is now five years old, and boy have we gone through the ringer! We’ve had stops and starts, we’ve had poorly written blogs and entries that were written three years ago. I’ve had increasing health problems, and you’ve never been here before. I once had a desk, now I don’t.

But somehow, here we are, at five years. Please, do applause.

In those five years we’ve had asexuality posts, access fail posts, music reviews, film reviews, book reviews. I’ve whined, I’ve moaned, I’ve ranted, I’ve lamented, I’ve praised, I’ve prided and I’ve lost where I was going. I lost a few friends, and I gained a niche. And god knows how many times I’ve repeated myself.

But no matter what failed, no matter what ailed, despite the fact that I’m still not using a desk, here I am. Here is AFJ, The Once Twenty-Something Journalism Student.

When I started this blog, I’ll be honest, I had no idea what I was doing, I just knew that I still had that thing that made me want to be a journalist. Basically I had a drive that made me want share my opinions and point out the bleeding obvious, in a way that made people say “Well, I don’t agree with her, but she sounds like she knows what she’s talking about.”

And from the ashes of my film review blog, from the dregs of my Fun and Friend website, from the little annoying floating rib that hurts on humid nights, came this here blog.

And this is where I am, and this is where I’ll stay.

I will not be moved.

Thank you for being along for the ride. Even if I only have one reader and this is the first post you’ve read. Stay a while, have some imaginary cake!

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