100 Entries

This time last week, a momentous occasion occurred! With my last blog “9/9/2016 – The Anniversary of The Start Of The New Beginning“, I finally hit 100 entries!

Under the introduction there is a banner with the words one hundred entries on it in two tones shade of grey. The words are surrounded by multi-coloured balloons with a golden seal of approval in the background shining through the words. There is an embossed effect on the words with cloth effect adding texture to the background

It only took me two years to get to 50 and this time it took twice as long to get another 50. It’s very sad for me to see my rate of blogging drop so much. I blame both the Tories and the fact that I still don’t have a desk.

But, regardless, I finally made it and if you’ve been reading all this time, I congratulate you. If you haven’t, please feel free not to go back and read my old entries. Baby!AFJ Entries are as bad as baby pictures. You wouldn’t want me to go to your house and look through your baby pictures , would you? No? Good, so we have an accord, as they say. (If you said yes, you’re wierd).

Here’s hoping I reach the next 100 sooner. I’m already that bit closer, this post makes it a total 101 entries so far.

Thank you very much for reading. Stay around and celebrate, have some virtual cake, put on your own music and have a dance. It’s an all night disco, my friends. This blog never closes!

Yours Failingly,


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