Thwarted by Technology… sort of

It’s not that it doesn’t exist, it’s not that it’s not possible, it’s that someone in some management office somewhere has decided it’s not worth the time and effort it would take to implement the universal access of it.

What am I talking about? I’m talking about things not being available for devices which otherwise work and brand new apps which could, in theory, work on said devices if the companies can be bothered making a compatible app.

I got Britbox a few months ago. I got the free trial of it and I paid for it for two months after that, as I wanted to watch shows that were now unavalible elsewhere. I am still sort of mentally not with it for binge watching, so I knew it would be a bit more money than it was really worth just on that fact alone, but just having it there for when I wanted it was nice… at the start. And then I realised how much a pain in the arse it was.

I’m physically disabled and if there’s one thing I need, it’s comfort. Sitting in front of my computer for an hour and a half to watch something is okay on occasion, but I’m long passed it being my first port of call to watch something with my current set up (IE, lack of a desk). I also don’t mind binge watching trash telly on my phone, because it’s trash telly and not something I want to absorb properly, and it’s no big deal if i’m in too much pain to carry on holding my phone up to my face. I, as much as I can, watch films on the telly.

Britbox has a phone app, a tablet app, apparently a telly app for a smart telly (but loads of people say it doens’t work), it can sort of work with a Roku stick (if it’s blessed by the high priestess of Fairyland on the second equinox, but ONLY if it lands of a Tuesday). For all of my other streaming needs, I use my xbox 360.

Yes, you read that right. Xbox 360. I’ve had my baby for nearly 10 years! It’s become a family relic and I don’t plan on getting rid of him anytime soon, he still works. He can play DVDs and everything. Well, not everything because there’s no Britbox app for the 360. And in fact, there’s no BritBox app for any games console! Yes, I know, very priviledged problems to have. I can also complain about my real problems if you’d like…

And the thing is… Britbox is backed by some pretty big pockets. Maybe Netflix, Amazon and NowTV are backed by bigger pockets but it doesn’t make any sense to me that they don’t have an app for games consoles. Games Consoles must account for a lot of streaming of television. It must do! And to not get into that corner of the market, it makes no sense to me.

If you look at the twitter search results for people complaining about this, for people requesting there be an app for games consoles, they are met with the same reply. There’s no plans for the future but they’ll keep it in mind. Thanks for your feedback, folks!

And now. Now, I come to watch some films I do have on DVD but which are not currently accessible to me, and I find that due to the… I don’t even know what to call it. Because it’s the oppoisite of monopolisation. The split. The war of the streaming devices, the films i want to watch are not on the streaming services i already have. They are on Disney+. I do not have Disney+. The first reason for this is when Disney+ was first released, I wasn’t watching films, and that’s pretty much been it for the whole year until about December. The second reason for this is, really??? Paying for another service?? I have Netflix and CinemaParadiso and that pretty much had me covered, and then I got Prime cos there’s more interesting shows on there (Besides Kobra Kai). And now, if I want to access “Disney” films, which include many, many other movies because of how many other companies Disney has now swallowed up, I have to get Disney+. I mean the simple answer now would be to just get all of my DVDs out of the boxes I put them in for the move that never happened, except that would require physical labour I can’t do myself and nobody wants to help me with and it would take up space I never really had in the first place and still don’t have… And you think, when streaming became the main mode of in home entertainment, people got rid of their physical stuff. Their books went cos they could read on Kindle, their DVDs went because they had Netflix and Prime, their CDs have long been gone because of Spotify and Itunes Music… and they might as well have kept them all because now they don’t have that kind of access to the films they want to watch anymore. Is it really worth the cost?

Which is veering off track a bit there, but still a valid point, I think. In my humble opinion.

I thought, well, I’ll just sign up for the free trial of Disney+. It won’t take me longer than the duration of the free trial to watch these movies, mental health and CFS permitting. And if it did, well, paying for one month isn’t too bad, I suppose… Sort of like a Disability Tax, i’m used to it.

And then I went to get it on my Xbox 360 and, well, there is no Disney+ app for the xbox 360.

Why!? Again, this can’t be a money issue! They surely have the capabilities, the resources, to make an app for the xbox! And I refuse to believe that my phone is so advanced it is capable of doing things more than my xbox! I’ve played games on my phone, trust me I know where the quality lies. I downloaded that Harry Potter game on my phone for all of a day and uninstalled it because it was no better than playing the playstation game back in 2002! And it must go two ways, surely, that if my phone is capable of streaming Netflix and so is my Xbox, then surely my Xbox is capable of streaming Disney+ if my phone is capable of streaming Disney+!

So really this feels like nothing more than enforced obselences. It’s not so much these devcies don’t work anymore, but that less and less is compatible with it, meaning your ability to use it lessens, forcing you to upgrade.

My poor little xbox is being outmoded!

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