AFJ vs End of Lockdown

People are starting to ask me, in a very sarcastic and unkind way, if I’ll ever leave my flat again. As if the problem is me in this pandemic. The honest answer to the earnest question is, I don’t know. But this is not really the question, and not how to frame it even if it was.

The question is, can I trust people to not infect me with a deadly virus if I was to leave my flat ever again? And the answer is no.

People keep ignoring the fact that they are an important part of how this virus spreads, and has spread, over the past year. This isn’t a disease that spontaneously occurs in a person, like a cancer, it’s a virus, spread by the actions and inactions of the people. I’ve said many times now, countless, probably a thousand, that if I get sick, it won’t be because of anything I’ll have done to catch it, it will be because someone has passed it to me in wilful ignorance or arrogance. How can I trust the person on the street is not one of these people?

We’ve got anti maskers in their thousands who think their right not to wear a peace of cloth on their face trumps other people’s rights not to contract a deadly virus that, even if they survive, are likely to be left with irrepairable damage. They say to us who are at the highest risk of dying from it, or being left with damaged organs, blood clotting disorders, that if we’re so afraid of the virus, we can just stay home whilst they enjoy their freedom. They are the ones who are a literal danger to society, with the potential to spread and infect many people, which would lead to deaths, but it’s us that should stay out of their way?

Before anti-maskers, there were anti-vaxxers and these are the same set of people, and going by some of their social media accounts, they also love to flout social distancing rules to rub it in other poeple’s faces how much they don’t care.

So yeah, no I don’t feel safe going out, because these people could literally infect me.

I don’t understand why that’s a rdiculous notion or a controvercial concept or some sort of emotional/maturity failing. It’s not paranoia if there’s still a deadly virus being transmitted in the local community that could still kill me or the family I live with, or leave us permanently suffering from organ failure and seriously ill health.

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