Inside i’m screaming

Monday 12 July, 2021

Ever feel like you’re the only person who can see the meteor coming towards earth and everyone around you is either severely blind with no vision or too busy dancing to the next biggest absolute belter of a tune to LOOK UP AND SEE IT whilst they’re telling you that everything is fine? But they’re NOT LOOKING UP.

Because holy shit, our infection rates are going up, the DEATH rate is going up, people who are double jabbed are dying of the Delta variant, there’s been a case and death of Lamda variant, and everyone’s just screaming that the 19th of July will be freedom day because they’ll no longer be legally required to wear masks.

Am I ever going to leave the house again without the risk of catching, spreading, potentially dying or being left severely harmed ny a deadly virus!?

If this virus just infected those idiots who didn’t care about others, well, so be it. But for every one person screaming it’s their right not to wear a mask, if they catch it, they infect 3 people and so on and so forth, and that’s how mutations happen.