I’m UnSmarting my Phone.

Like I mentioned in this post, my Smart Phone’s battery was (still is) dying again, the volume keeps dropping leading to me missing phone calls. Now the microphone seems to have gone as nobody who calls me/I call can hear me. I’m charging my phone twice a day even if it’s sitting there idling on my bedside table all day, incase someone important calls as nobody is ringing the landline these days, for reasons I can’t get down to. I charge it three days on “heavy use” days, by which I mean someone calls and I speak for about an hour, or I dare to go out, now that I have a carer, and I dare to use the camera.

The battery health says 92%. I think it’s lower but the phone doesn’t realise it. I can’t be bothered to go through the process to have it checked because their diagnostics tool depend on you using your phone, but then the Apple Tech guy got annoyed at me when switching apps apps to download the diagnostics app disconnected his remote link and he coudln’t start the diagnostics when it finally downloaded. Last time the battery said 90% but the diagnostics said 85 or 86%.. I imagine it’s about the same now, if not worse because it does feel worse with less use.

I could buy a new smart phone, except most on the market are too big for my hands. I’m swearing off future apple products because of this battery issue. They are expensive and the makers create problems so that you spend more money, like remove the audiojack to force you to buy either airpods or an adaptor if you don’t want airpods.

I’m fed up. I’m done. I honestly don’t know why I’ve put up with it this long in the first place. I say that someone who understands my “internet addiction” is actually my need for constant mental stimulation and the ability to flit between tasks seemlessly without physical strain on my body, but my phone’s main purpose is anything but a phone these days, and since I’ve bought the tablet, the smart functions on the phone are unneccessary. Which means this phone is unneccessary. Because whilst there might be important phone calls from social workers or care agencies or the doctors, I’m not getting many social phone calls from other people these days. There’s apps for that I use my tablet for, I guess, but people have just stopped reaching out to me. Which… is fine, I suppose. We’re all going through our own things and honestly, i’m just so tired anyway that even days when people do call, I’ll have a burst of energy to get through the phone call and drop straight after… or i’m just downright faking the energy and then reaping what I sow later.

So I’ve gone and bought myself an UnSmart nokia.

I’m going 2003, baby! This phone does not have Apps. It can’t do google or websearches or QR codes – which is only worrying in relation to Covid, but there’s still paper alternatives available which I’m happy to have to use. For music, I’ve inherited my mum’s ipod. For pictures, I’ll actually start using my very nice camera again, and in the case of hospital days, i’ll hopefully have my kindle too (5th Gen, still significantly lighter than my tablet) but that’s also been a bit temporamental the last few years so I might need to either upload an audiobook on the iPod or take the tablet. The poor little 5th Gen Kindle switches off if I have the audacity to flick through pages a bit too quickly! So… it might go kaput on me for good in the next year, but it’s still hanging in there. Yay!

This phone rings out, and people can ring it, it can do texts. It has Snake.

The one downside? Bloody T9 pad. I’m a quick texter, everytime i type on a T9 pad it all comes back to me, but it’s still so bloody tedious. But unfortunately a QWERTY keyboard on a UnSmart phone that works with today’s Sim Cards does not currently exist. I didn’t want to buy an old old old phone only to find the sim card was not compativle because it’s no longer 2001.

Watch this space! In 6 months I’ll either have regretted this decision terribly and crawled back to Apple because their iPhone Minis at least fit my hand span, or have found a new way of life with my nokia.

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