Time to try something new?

Wednesday 29 September, 2021

There’s a thing in the chronically ill/disabled community where people who are not chronically ill or disabled or neurodivergent will tell people who are, that the language they use for themselves is incorrect and/or insulting. Disabled, Deaf/deaf, autistic, dwarf, disfigured, chronically ill, mentally ill.

And so people of the ci/disabled community have started to ask “who told you that?”. Because usually the answer will be someone else who is Not (Workplace training officer), who was told by someone who is Not (Council worker), who was informed by a handbook from a government advisory group made up of those who are Not (MPs, Governors, administrators), instead of a variety of people. Or one or two disabled people who are suffering from internalised ableism which aligns with the narrative might be involvd, but they are usually anti disabled and pro cure.

They are all people with a specific narrative for a specific reason rather than for the good of society on a whole. For example:- You don’t have to pay people benefits for being too disabled to work if you get rid of the concept of disability and replace it with a set of deeply sensed personal failings which the person should just find some way of working around.

So I’m just thinking.

Maybe next time someone says something like “Queer is a slur” or “asexuals don’t belong in the LGBTQ+ community”, instead of trying to counter their opinion with facts and sources, like we have been doing the past five years, just ask who told them that first, then go on to present the facts and sources.

If they understand where the exclusionary and harmful opinions came from, they might just start to accept that they’ve been told wrong and will change their opinion, and take in the information and read through to the cited sources.

Just an idea.