Hello, I am A Failed Journalist. I went to university to study Journalism, but due to a variety of reasons and circumstances, I dropped out before I was failed out. All whilst I was in my twenties!

I never really got rid of that original drive to be a journalist, though, so I indulge in them secretly and write entries here to satisfy the urges.

Bizarrely, it works for me, but I’ll probably never get as polished as I need to be to be a full on Journo. And I’m happy with that,.

As you can see in the categories, I’ve written a few reviews, I’ve written a now outdated How To Guide for LoveFilm (Twice) and plenty of stuff about disability rights and how society keeps on failing us.

So, please, have a look around! Tell me if you like something, tell me if you don’t like something. I particularly encourage that last one. If something doesn’t make sense or you’ve spotted a mistake, I am happy to be told. I believe that’s how people learn and improve.

Talking of improving, I am just learning how to put captions on images but I’m not perfect and might have missed a picture or two from old posts, if that’s the case, please let me know.

Thankyou very much,


-A Failed Journalist-

4 Responses to About

  1. Fleur Perry says:

    Hello! We’d be interested in a slightly shorter version of your blog for Disability United. Please email me on editor@disabilityunited.co.uk

  2. ninachildish says:

    I wanted to be a journalist too. I didn’t study it at uni though. Now, similarly, I write as much I am able to. Occasionally getting the odd commission.

    • It’s probably for the best, tbh. I think it’s one of those courses than can kill your enjoyment of it the more you study it. And now the state of the media being the way it is, for me it would have been a waste of a degree anyway. I’d be blacklisted for not letting MPs lie without being challenged!

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