Hey, we’re all people

Wednesday 24 November, 2010

Have you ever thought ‘makes me “me” and you “you”?’. I have, it’s like a Sliding Doors kind of trail of thought.

Right up to this moment, I’m a packrat and an observational minimalist, which is sometimes a contradiction because how can you be a minimalist if you want to take all of your sentimental property with you wherever you go? Well, it’s pretty easy if the only things you own are out of necessity or sentiment along the way.

The top i’m wearing right now? I’ve had since I was 7, maybe 8, years old. I won’t grow out of it so why not wear it for as long as it’ll last? It’s got sentimental value to it because I got it at the very first boccia competition I ever went to at the Merseyside Youth Games. It drowned me and I wore it proudly like a dress! And that year we got gold (because I rolled the winning ball).

It’s also the only time we wore blue at the Merseyside Youth Games, and also the only time we won gold. (Until I rolled the winning ball again for Sefton Seniors…) The rest of the years we wore yellow, and I still have the majority of those t-shirts as well. Can’t tell them from one to the other unless they have the year on, except for one mesh-like sports t-shirt. I remember wearing that one when I was 10, my last year playing Boccia for the Sefton juniors team. I ended up being quite sick when I got home for some reason, and thought it was because of that top.

A while later, I decided to prove myself wrong by wearing it again. Well, I wore it on the same day I decided to watch the Brandy version of Cinderella… and ended up throwing up and coming down with the flu. Cinderella was interrupted so the following week on the Sunday, when I felt better and looked forward to finally going back into school the next day, I watched it again. And then threw up again and ended up being off school sick for another week because of a second wave of the flu.

I’ve not watched that version since, for fear I’ll throw up and come down with the flu again. I do still have the top though, I’m not a total weirdo!